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Dry Mortar Production Line Facts

What does a dry mortar production line do? What are the materials used in the production process? How expensive is it to setup a production line?

A dry mortar production line machine is the equipment used to produce dry mortar for construction companies and industry. It produces the powdered mortar that is then mixed to make mortar used in homes, office, and building construction worldwide.

The equipment consists of a series of tanks holding the different materials required to produce the mortar. It should be noted that a full automatic dry mix mortar production line is usually capable of making a variety of different types of mortar. The different mixes can be used in different applications. Thermal mortars are used in applications where insulating properties are necessary. Decorative mortars are created using pigments to produce colorful mortar. Standard masonry mortar is used for laying bricks and other masonry projects.

dry mixed mortar plant

Each different type of mortar requires a bin to hold materials for the mix. The dry mortar mix plants equipment dispenses the right blend of material into a mixing tank where a series of paddles constantly mixes the dry materials to make an even blend. The materials must be perfectly blended to make sure every bag of mortar is consistent.

The mix bin then dumps the dry mortar mix into a storage cement silos, where is is held until packing. The dry mortar then is moved to the packing line where it is put into bags, stacked by the stacker, and prepared for shipment. An important component throughout the entire process is dust collection. The dust collectors help keep the dry materials from dispersing throughout the area and becoming a hazard to operators and the surrounding area.

Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant

The tile mortar production line requires a lot of space for setup. You need to plan carefully to allow space for trucks delivering raw materials and trucks taking the packaged mortar to your customers.

Dry mortar production lines can be purchased for a starting price around $24,000 to prices well over $100,000. The price variations depend on the size of the line, the number of storage tanks, and other options. Keep in mind, this is is just the price of the dry mix mortar production line and does not include shipping, setup, and other costs to make the production line ready to run.

Dry mortar production is a dirty business. The powder materials will make a mess even with a well designed dust collection system. You need to plan on plenty of cleaning. Employees will need to wear protective masks to keep dust from entering their lungs.

While the business may not be inexpensive to setup, and does have a dirty side, it is a solid business. Mortar is in constant demand by construction companies, local contractors, and people doing home improvement. High quality mortar is always in high demand. If you can have the capability to make specialty mortars, the demand and profit margins for your product increase. Learn more about it at this page.

A dry mortar production line can be the start of a new business, or a great way to expand business for someone already in the construction industry.